10 Ways to Raise $500

Our annual FUNdraising season is here! 

It's easy and fun to raise money for #abortionaccess if you break it down into several easy steps. Start by setting a personal goal and then go for it! Here's one way to look at raising $500:

  1. Ask 5 co-workers to donate $20. Ask 2 family members to match your donation of $25.
  2. Ask 2 family members to match your donation of $25. 
  3. Ask your company to match you and your team's donations.
  4. Go social! Make an individual video to share why you are fundraising for bowl-a-thon.
  5. Go full DIY. Hold a workshop where teams teach people how to do a hobby or skill. From knitting to website coding there’s no end to the skills that can be shared! Charge $20 - $30/person with a goal of having 20 attendees.
  6. Hold a yard sale - de-clutter and fundraise at the same time!
  7. Arrange a breakfast for dinner fundraiser at a local community center, or a space with a big kitchen. Charge $10/ person
  8. Design and sell some feminist swag- buttons, stickers or t-shirts.
  9. Is someone on your team artistic? Have them design greeting cards or facepaint at a fundraising event for donations!
  10. Reach out to your favorite dive or karaoke bar and see if your team can host a guest bartending night and donate a portion of the evening’s profits to the campaign.