Abortion is Still Legal in Ohio

Yesterday, the Ohio legislature passed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country, Senate Bill 23, which effectively bans all abortion in Ohio. Specifically, procedures after 6 weeks – which is before most even know they’re pregnant.

With this news, know that OHIO'S ABORTION CLINICS ARE STILL OPEN! They're still providing compassionate, patient-centered medical care that is legal, and accessible. Our partner clinics work hard to help folks afford care through funds from Women Have Options - Ohio and other partner funding.

The bill is now headed to Governor Mike DeWine’s desk to sign into law. We have every reason to believe he’ll sign it. Ohio's clinics will have 90 days after his signature before the law goes into effect, effectively banning all abortions in Ohio.

The movement is currently working on legal strategy with our partners to challenge what is an aggressive, oppressive, unconstitutional and harmful law. #AbortionFunds are, at the same time, building to continue to serve patients who need our help - no matter the barriers placed in their way. Because no one should be forced to remain pregnant just because they don't have the means to travel out of state to get the abortion they need.

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Before Dewine signs this bill call him and make your voice heard!

Governor DeWine has already indicated he would sign this near-total abortion ban. Tell him anyways that this is an atrocity. When someone has decided to have an abortion, we should be able to access that care legally, affordably, in our community, with support and respect, not shame or pressure. 

Make the call:

📞Governor’s Main Line: 614-466-3555

📞Laurel Dawson, Chief of Staff: 614-499-5180

📞Dan McCarthy Director, Legislative Affairs: 614-644-0924

📞Lisa Peterson, Communications Director: 614-644-0508

📞Matt Donahue, Chief Legal: 614-644-0825

📞Michael Hall, Director of Policy: 614-629-8201

📞Dan Tierney, Press Secretary: 614-4866-6242

📞John Danish, Chief Deputy Legal Council, 614-644-0836

📞Bridget Harrison Assistant Policy Director, Health & Human Services: 614-644-0871