Board Statement of Solidarity w/ Abortion Access Day of Justice


WHO-O stands in solidarity with the Reproductive Justice organizers, advocates, clinic staff, escorts, and folks seeking reproductive healthcare in Texas following the passage of SB 8. We as an organization pride ourselves on building a coalition of support and advocacy. As an organization, we also have a history of centering the voices of white, able-bodied, cis-women above others. This is a history we have been actively working to take accountability for and to intentionally chart a new course for our future. This work is informed by our commitment to the values of Reproductive Justice, a Black feminist framework, and a commitment to center the voices of those most intimately impacted by our work.

We have committed to uplifting and centering the voices of Black, Indigenous, disabled, queer, transgender, and low income folks as well as abortion storytellers. We are committed to cultivating and following their leadership in this movement. We are committed to uplifting and supporting the Abortion Access Day of Justice protest which is being organized by RJ leaders in those communities. These leaders have been consistently showing up to create real change and are deeply grounded in our communities and their needs. We urge our supporters and friends to join us on September 28 on International Safe Abortion Day at the Ohio Statehouse to be in solidarity with our community leaders and friends in Texas and Mexico to demand full reproductive justice for all, no matter where we live. 


As we continue to fight the onslaught of attacks coming from the Ohio Statehouse, with the Supreme Court allowing Texas to ban abortion and Ohio cities eyeing copycat laws, our vision for abortion justice can’t wait a day longer.

From Ohio to Texas, and Mexico, we’re calling on all Ohioans to join us in person at the Ohio Statehouse TOMORROW Tuesday, September 28 at 12:30 p.m. to commemorate International Safe Abortion Day, to send a message to lawmakers, and stand in solidarity and with people across the country and globe this whole week who continue to fight for abortion justice!