Do I have to bowl & other important questions about #BOWL18

Bowl-a-Thon is back! Join us in working to ensure that all people have access to safe abortion care in Ohio!

As safety nets crumble in our communities, we show up for reproductive justice, and we care for one another. At Women Have Options, we hear from folks all across Ohio who need an abortion but can’t afford it. We provide grants to cover what is often only a portion of the costs of their abortion care procedures. The grants we provide to our clients can be the difference between accessing a safe and legal abortion, or not having a choice at all.

We depend on the grassroots power and support of people like YOU so that we can continue to provide compassionate and consistent funding to patients in and from Ohio. Join us in working towards a goal of raising $50,000 for abortion access in Ohio!

But bowling for abortion access? I don't get it... Well, let us explain.

What is the Bowl-a-Thon? The Bowl-a-Thon is a super fun online fundraiser in which abortion funds from all across the country raise money to provide financial assistance to people who can’t afford to pay for their abortions. Anyone can participate! In a nutshell, people raise money for Women Have Options, and then at the end of April we celebrate at an awesome bowling party! It’s a great way for supporters like you to represent Women Have Options, bust abortion stigma in our communities and break down barriers to abortion access for folks seeking care.

How does it work? We’re using an online fundraising system hosted by the National Network of Abortion Funds to make it easy for everyone to raise money. It allows you to create your own personal fundraising page to easily manage your donations. Start fundraising now and at the end of April, come out and celebrate all the money you have raised and bowl with local Women Have Options supporters!

But why should I bowl for abortion access?

The cost of a first-trimester abortion can be more than a low-income family lives on in a month. Ohioans forgo food, risk eviction, and pawn their possessions as they attempt to raise money for an abortion. Some are forced to continue the pregnancy, abandon their education, and stay trapped in poverty. On average, an individual patient receives about $100 from Women Have Options. Many who receive WHO/O funds have managed to save almost enough money to pay for their abortion costs on their own but just need a bit more—just $10 or $20—to cover the total. The more we can help though, the more burden we can take off of folks who are already struggling and make an even greater impact in our communities.

**Bowl-a-Thon = protecting abortion access + having a blast!**

You can either head up your own team by being a Team Captain or you can join an existing team that needs teammates.

What do team captains do? Team captains lead the charge. They will recruit and lead bowling buddies for their team. Captains will be the primary contact for the event.

How do I captain a team? Just register! First create your own individual fundraising page and then your team page (don't forget to join your team.) Once you register, you can use our online system to send emails to friends and family asking them to support your team by pledging to increase access to abortion in Ohio. So come up with a punny/ funny team name and sign up now!

What do teammates do? Each teammate commits to raise at least $50 for Women Have Options. Sign up online and make sure to join an existing team. Don’t know which team to join? Email us ([email protected]) and we’ll help you find one!

What if I don’t want to bowl or am bad at bowling? The great thing about this event is that it isn't about how well you bowl, but about #fundingabortion. Don't want to bowl? You don't have to. You can choose to come out and just cheer. Cheer for the bowlers, cheers for the costumes, and cheer for reproductive justice.

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