WHO/O Officially Cuts Ties with Actual Brewing Company


Women Have Options/ Ohio is officially announcing that we will no longer partner or accept support of any kind from Actual Brewing Company while Fred Lee is at or benefitting from the organization.  The decision to part ways with Actual Brewing Company as an event sponsor and supporter was made after learning of the reports of sexual assault perpetrated by Fred Lee, a founder and co-owner of the Columbus-based craft brewery. We were also informed this week that a reported incident of sexual assault happened at a WHO/O event, to a dedicated volunteer, and we are collectively horrified. It pains us greatly that anyone could be subjected to any form of harassment or assault, and we unanimously stand with all survivors.

Sexual assault is a violent abuse of power. We feel that any organization working for the social good should be outspoken against such abuse and should boldly stand with survivors. We are deeply committed to creating a world free from violence and oppression, where all people live without fear and with full autonomy. We feel it is our duty to hold our partners, donors, volunteers, staff and supporters accountable, including cutting ties with individuals and organizations that do not share our vision of reproductive and social justice values.

These survivors’ stories raise serious questions about how our community, knowingly or otherwise, protects and uplifts the lives of sexual predators, and participates in creating a culture of silence around survivorship.  At WHO/O, we are dedicated to transforming our community into a space where survivors are believed and perpetrators are held accountable.

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For inquiries or questions please contact:

Stephanie Craddock Sherwood, Executive Director

[email protected]