Driving Abortion Access

Friends! I wanted to share the public launch of the Women Have Options/ Ohio abortion access driver program.

WHO/O is proud of our work to provide financial assistance for people seeking abortion care in Ohio for the past 27 years, but there are often many other barriers to abortion in addition to the cost of the actual medical procedure — traveling long distances to a provider, taking time off work, finding childcare, and other obstacles can put abortion care out of reach for many people.

That's why we're proud of the practical support network we've been building so that people across Ohio can access the care they need. With only 9 abortion clinics left in the state, Ohioans (as well as folks traveling from KY, WV, IN, etc.) are forced to travel long distances in Ohio, often alone, and in need of support. And we help, that's what we do.

Our network of trained volunteers (dispatched by our case managers) will provide rides for people to their appointments, sit with them in the waiting room if they need support, and provide material support, like post-abortion care packages, and other supplies. We know that different communities have different needs when it comes to accessing abortion care and we aim to meet patients where they are to help get them the care they need.

We've been doing this at a smaller level and are ready to train our first big group of drivers from across the state. Can you join us and make a difference for those who need a ride? Register for training (training will be virtual) by submitting a volunteer driver application here- http://bit.ly/whoodriver.

We're looking for folks who have the privilege of an operational vehicle and valid driver's license and want to use them for good! There will be opportunity to get reimbursed for gas. We especially need drivers in rural and the far reaches of the state, where there are no clinics and access has never been guaranteed. Please feel free to share this opportunity with all who believe that people should have access to abortion, no matter their circumstances.

If you are interested in other opportunities, like joining our hotline team, joining us for or hosting a self-managed abortion training, organizing and compiling post-abortion care packages, sign up to volunteer at womenhaveoptions.org/volunteer!! We've been spending this Summer finishing up program logistics and are just about ready to launch a whole series of opportunities to get involved!

Don't have time to volunteer? You can support our work and directly fund abortion access HERE.