Giving & Receiving

I would like to share a note that we received some time ago from a woman we helped, and it’s memorable to me because it illustrates the importance of what we do.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Deciding between paying my bills and having my procedure was tough. With your help, I was able to do both. People like you are a true blessing for those in need. I pray that you are able to continue to be a blessing to others in need and one day I may be able to help someone as well. Thank you for the blessing. Sincerely, Katherine*

While I am grateful abortion does remain safe and legal in my part of the world, there are many obstacles for low-income women which prevent them from accessing this basic reproductive service. Women Have Options, along with our donors and supporters, helps to reduce these obstacles. As we say “If a woman can’t afford her choice, she doesn’t really have one.” So we as a community make choice real for women who find themselves in Katherine’s situation. This is the most direct way I can think of to support choice, and in this season of giving, donating to Women Have Options is giving the gift of choice.

*All women’s names are changed to protect privacy.

This is a guest post by our longtime board member Angie Shyrigh, who was inspired to write about why she serves on the Women Have Options board of directors. Following the murder of Dr. Tiller in 2009, Angie was determined to get involved in the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement. We are happy she discovered Women Have Options.