Hold a Taco or Beer Challenge Party


Do we really need an excuse to eat tacos and drink beers with friends? Probably not. But if you do, what better of an excuse can you have than to raise some vital funds for those in need to access their reproductive choices? 

Right now abortion funds around the world are holding the Taco or Beer Challenge, #tobc16 for short. Abortion stigma is real, and the Taco or Beer Challenge is about encouraging people to smash some abortion stigma by being loud and proud about directly funding abortion

Although it seems like a lot of components, a taco party is an easy way to bring people together for a good ol-fashioned abortion funding party. For starters, have your guests bring the beer (and other assorted beverages of alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties) or you can do it community potluck style and assign people to bring items from the list below.

Components of the perfect DIY taco bar: 

  • Tortilla chips and tortillas. (Cool fact: Ohio's very own Shagbark Seed & Mill has my favorite pro-choice tortilla chips and corn tortillas)
  • A variety of salsas and hot sauces
  • Sour cream or plain yogurt
  • Tomatoes
  • Cilantro
  • Lime 
  • Avocado or guacamole
  • Pickled jalapeños and carrots
  • Cotija or your favorite shredded cheese
  • Main proteins - black or refried beans, taco beef, seasoned chicken, pork belly or al pastor
  • Or be creative - this is all about CHOICE, serve kale, roasted veggies, slaw or whatever floats your inland boat!


Now that everyone is having a great time eating tacos and/or drinking beer it is time to talk about abortion! You know, that common and vital healthcare that seems to send politicians reeling and makes for uncomfortable holiday dinner conversation? Yeah, that. We believe that it is super appropriate dinner conversation, especially since this legal and safe procedure is often difficult or nearly impossible to access, especially in states like Ohio. 

As Ohio's state-wide abortion fund we believe that every person in Ohio – regardless of where they live or their economic status – has the right to make decisions about whether and when to parent, and to access abortion with compassion and dignity.

And we need your help to provide financial assistance to help reduce barriers to contraceptive access and abortion services. We distribute funds to clinics throughout Ohio. These clinics, in turn, use the funds to provide financial assistance to those in need and since 1992, WHO/O has helped thousands pay for their reproductive choices.

The literal way to complete the Taco Or Beer Challenge is to fund legal abortion care or support to overcome barriers to abortion care through an Abortion Fund like Women Have Options. 

So this is important! Ask your guests to throw in a couple of bucks to offset the cost of a safe and legal abortion for someone who otherwise couldn’t afford it.  Also, post pictures on social media and challenge others to take the challenge too.