Ohio's Radical Lame Duck Agenda

State legislators are now in a “lame duck” session ending on New Year's Eve. Extremist Ohio lawmakers are poised to pass their radical anti-abortion bills before they leave office. 

We MUST ACT NOW! Call your Ohio State Legislators and tell them that, like most Ohioans, you support abortion access and that any restriction on safe and legal abortion is an unconstitutional undue burden. 
You can also contact your Ohio state representative and senator to stop restrictions on abortion through THIS NARAL Ohio form.

Bills still on the table:
H.B. 258 - Six-week abortion ban (passed by the House 11/15, waiting on the Senate) 
S.B. 145 - Abortion Method Ban (13-week ban)
H.B. 565 - Total Abortion Ban
H.B. 149 - Fetal and Embryonic Tissue Research Restrictions
S.B. 28 - Fetal and Embryonic Tissue Disposal Restrictions
H.B. 619 - Pregnancy Misinformation and Coercion Act
Access to safe and legal abortion is a right. What's more, it is critical to ensuring that women and pregnant folks are able to maintain the freedom to make decisions about their health care for themselves and their families. 
We can't rely on the courts to strike these bills down anymore. WE have to stop it. Please contact your state senators and tell them to oppose any further restrictions on abortion, and get five friends to do the same.

WE MUST#stopthebans