Thank you for your interest in contacting us for a media engagement. For a response within a few business days, please utilize the form below. For more immediate requests, please contact us at [email protected] or at 513-285-8099. We are a small (yet mighty) team, so requests may be fulfilled by our Interim Executive Director, one of our Resource Coordinators, or our Board Chair. Please know that we have received hundreds of requests since the SCOTUS decision was handed down, and we cannot fulfill every request. Please note that submitting the same request to different emails, phone lines, etc. only hinders the process. 

When making a request, please include information about your story that would help us choose a representative from Abortion Fund of Ohio. For example, if you are hoping to speak with someone about the day-to-day patient work we do, a Resource Coordinator may be the best fit. Also, please note if your story will speak on the lived experience of folks who have had abortions, in which case we can ensure the representative you speak with is an abortion storyteller themselves. 

NOTE: We are not willing to take part in stories that give platforms to anti-abortion activists as part of a 'both sides' narrative. We encourage you to reach out to organizations that provide parents & pregnant folks with supports they may need without pressuring folks into a choice like many anti-abortion fake clinics regularly do. Please include a note about who else you may be contacting for your story. 

Thank you, and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.