Stop Fake Clinics

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC), aka fake clinics, exist with the explicit intent to coerce pregnant folks out of abortion care. Many CPCs disguise themselves with language expected from an actual clinic, which can lure abortion seekers in crisis. Here are some key red flags:

  • Provides limited or no health care or isn't a licensed facility
  • Uses vague language or co-opted language in ads or name: "Hope Pregnancy Resource Center" or "Women's Choice"
  • Financially dependent on anti-abortion legislatures & orgs
  • Inappropriately projects religious/moral beliefs on patients
  • Refuses to refer or recommend patients to abortion clinics
  • Spreads misinformation re: "abortion pill reversal" and "consequences" of abortion
  • Encourages patients considering abortion to schedule an appointment with the CPC ASAP
  • Advertises free pregnancy tests or ultrasounds without mention of additional services
  • Targets low-income & marginalized communities


Help us stop anti-abortion extremists! Download, share, & print these our regional Made to Mislead flyers (3 per sheet, front & back):

Central Ohio
Southwest Ohio
Southeast Ohio
Northwest Ohio
Northeast Ohio

Tips for spotting & stopping CPCs: 

When searching for real clinics, you can use trusted sites like Abortion Finder and I Need An A. Both of these sites only list verified abortion providers. Google, however, will often list CPCs within the first 5 search results. Unfortunately, fake clinics receive millions in state funding & outnumber Ohio's actual abortion clinics 20:1. One of the most impactful things you can do is learn to spot CPCs, educate your neighbors, and advocate against them!

You can find a full list of CPCs by ZIP code, city, or state at A couple CPC chains in Ohio include:

The Women's Centers of Ohio
Owned & operated by anti-abortion extremists "Elizabeth’s New Life Center, Inc,"
ENLC measures success in the percent of "abortion-vulnerable/abortion-minded" people that they have prevented from accessing abortion

Heartbeat of [city name]
Owned & operated by Heartbeat International, whose mission is to, "make abortion unwanted today and unthinkable for future generations."
3,000 locations

Birthright of [city name]
Birthright International is headquartered in Canada, that focuses its time promoting, "It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth and the right of every child to be born"
300 locations