Abortion Fund of Ohio Solidarity Statement with Palestine

Abortion Fund of Ohio's Statement of Solidarity with Palestine

Abortion Fund of Ohio wholeheartedly and unequivocally stands in solidarity with those experiencing settler colonial violence and ethnic cleansing in Occupied Palestine. As we all seek for a world of peace and liberation, we must never waver from standing with the oppressed. As an organization grounded in Reproductive Justice values, we believe all people have the right to bodily autonomy and self-determination free from occupation. We believe that all people have the right to have a family and parent their children with the dignity and resources to live safely and healthily. 

Reproductive Justice cannot exist when you are denied basic human rights and essentials such as food, water, electricity and freedom of movement. Reproductive Justice cannot exist when you are being bombed and massacred in your homes, in your streets, in your schools. Reproductive Justice cannot exist when medical supplies are being withheld, hospitals are being targeted and paramedics and doctors slaughtered. 

The world is witnessing the complete annihilation of Gaza and the Palestinian people, with the United States as a main accomplice and perpetrator. We have a moral obligation to unlearn biased rhetoric and learn beyond our bubble of western propaganda to understand the Palestinian struggle for liberation after being subject to apartheid and genocide on their own land after seven decades. 

Supporting a free Palestine is not at odds with Judaism. To suggest that these are in conflict is wholly false. Learn to distinguish Judaism & Zionism.

We call on the United States to immediately stop funding billions of dollars and weaponry to the Israeli military.

We call on ALL media outlets, politicians, and journalists to immediately stop the circulation of dehumanizing and genocidal rhetoric of Palestinian people to justify horrendous acts of violence.

There is no peace under occupation.
Stop the genocide. 
End the siege. 
End the violence. 
End the occupation. 





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