The mission of Abortion Fund of Ohio is simple – to support the right of everyone to make their own reproductive decisions with love, compassion, and non-judgmental support in accordance with reproductive justice values.


Our current system tells those seeking abortion services, implicitly and explicitly, that if they cannot afford their choice, they do not deserve to have one. As supporters of Abortion Fund of Ohio, you’re not just providing financial assistance, but you are telling those in need that they deserve this support.

Vision & Values

Abortion Fund of Ohio strives to be a staff-centered, trauma-informed, safe, intersectional, loving, community building, service-driven, non-judgmental, and patient-centered resource for the people of Ohio. The people we are here to serve are people who might need help obtaining an abortion, particularly people of color, people who are poor and working class, disabled, trans, and people of historically oppressed communities, and people lacking sufficient documentation for the immigration legal system. 


Our purpose is to make real the non-negotiable human right for every Ohioan to determine whether, when, and how to create a family. We believe that people deserve uninhibited access to the rights, information, and resources to care for themselves and their families. We believe that Reproductive Justice is the pathway to realizing our goals. 


We are resilient.

Why Support Us

The cost of a first trimester abortion can be more than many working-class families live on in a month. Ohioans forgo food, risk eviction, and pawn their possessions as they attempt to raise money for an abortion. Some are forced to continue the pregnancy, or  abandon their education. On average, each patient receives about $100 from Abortion Fund of Ohio. Many folks who receive AFO funds have managed to save almost enough money to pay for their abortion costs on their own but just need a bit more—just $10 or $20—to cover the total.


While we receive grants from national foundations, most of our resources come from individual donors. Your donation can make all the difference by allowing people to afford the reproductive health care they desperately need. Every donation to AFO, no matter how small, has a tremendous impact.


Our donations have ranged from $2 to $10,000. Every one of them matters. Every one of them changed a life. Donate now to support our work!


Financials & Documents

Honoring our founder


Emily Rutherford founded this organization more than 20 years ago. To share our organization’s story, we created a short video about this history of Abortion Fund of Ohio (formerly Women Have Options/WHO/O) to honor Emily and our founders.