Thank you for your interest in contacting us for a media engagement. To request comment or an interview, please contact Sam at [email protected] or at 513-285-8099 (email preferred). 

When making a request, please include information about your story that would help us choose a representative from Abortion Fund of Ohio. For example, if you are hoping to speak with someone about the day-to-day patient work we do, a Resource Coordinator may be the best fit. Also, please note if your story will speak on the lived experience of folks who have had abortions, in which case we can ensure the representative you speak with is an abortion storyteller themselves. 

NOTE: We are not willing to take part in stories that platform anti-abortion activists, including groups like Right to Life (national), Ohio Right to Life, March for Life, Created Equal, or any other individual or organization unwilling to recognize our basic humanity. We do not take part in stories that use a 'both sides' narrative & have signed this open letter to journalists regarding anti-abortion activists in media. By reaching out, you agree to our terms. If you intend to reach out to RTL or other anti-abortion groups, but believe your reporting does not provide a platform or otherwise validate misinformation, please note this in your request.

For more information on how to report on abortion accurately, see this curated resource from Physicians for Reproductive Health. If you want to speak with organizations who provide parents & pregnant folks with options counseling, supports, and other aid they may need, we recommend speaking directly with doctors & organizations that provide unbiased options counseling. Anti-abortion centers (also known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers) are not regulated under HIPPA, & often have the mission of coercing pregnant folks out of their decision. 

Thank you, and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.