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Get Reproductive Legal Help
What should you expect when you reach out?
Who should call us?
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Get Reproductive Legal Help

The AFO Legal Access Program is a free, confidential helpline where you can get legal information or advice about the abortion laws in Ohio.  We can help with topics like self-managed abortion, young people's access to abortion, and judicial bypass. You can fill out our intake form at the bottom of this page (also at this link) or call us at 614-799-2843. Please allow 48 hours (not including weekends/holidays) for us to get back to you! 

The program offers:

- Brief legal advice on the changing legal landscape of reproductive health in Ohio,
- Referral to pro-bono counsel, and
- Case management for Ohioans facing criminal and civil penalties for reproductive health care.

In addition, we provide resources, training, and education around the intersection of Reproductive Justice and the law. Please note: AFO’s Legal Access Program does not provide legal or bail financial assistance for folks facing criminalization. However, we do provide referrals and case management to allied funding options for legal and bail funding or mutual aid. 

What should you expect when you reach out?

The Legal Access Program is based in Ohio, so we can only answer questions related to Ohio law. After reaching out through our intake form or help line (614-799-2843), A staff member will reach out to you within the next 2-3 business days to get more information about your situation. From there, we’ll work together to discuss next steps. This may include offering you short-term brief advice, passing along a resource, referring you to pro-bono [free of cost] legal counsel, or something else entirely. 

Please note: Going through our intake process can not guarantee legal representation nor automatically create an attorney-client relationship. Though AFO can provide brief legal advice, a signed representation agreement would be necessary for establishing an attorney-client relationship, if applicable to your specific situation. 

Who should call us? 

Ohioans considering or currently seeking an abortion who have legal questions or barriers.
Even if you're unsure about whether we will be able to answer your questions, please reach out! We get a range of questions about folks’ reproductive health concerns, and even if we don’t know the answer, we might be able to help you find  relevant resources or support.

Minors who are seeking an abortion but can’t or won't get parental support or permission.
If you’re under age 18 and need an abortion, but can’t tell or get permission from a parent, we can help you with the judicial bypass process. Judicial bypass means getting permission from a judge to have an abortion without telling or getting permission from a parent.

Ohioans who have questions about the current status or impact of Ohio abortion laws.
If you are considering seeking an abortion and have questions about what the current law is, we can give you clear, understandable answers about legal rights, what the law is, and how it has been used.

Folks who have been contacted by law enforcement, arrested, or charged with a crime related to their reproductive health choices or outcomes within Ohio.
If you have been arrested, questioned by the law enforcement, or charged with a crime for your reproductive health choices, we can help! AFO has a statewide network of Pro Bono [free of cost] defense attorneys that can help you access funding from Legal, Bail, or Mutual Aid resources and potentially help with your defense.

Care or medical providers who have questions about how abortion bans or criminalization will impact their work or licenses.
If you have a professional or administrative license regulated by a state agency [e.g. Medical License, EMT License, Nursing License, Social Worker License] and have questions or concerns about how supporting abortion access could impact your licensure, AFO can help connect you with legal resources to understand your rights and access support.

Intake Form

You can fill out our intake form below (also at this link) or call us at 614-799-2843. Please allow 48 hours (not including weekends/holidays) for us to get back to you!