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Know Your Reproductive Rights - Youth in Ohio

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AFO’s Legal Access Program can help young folks with questions about their reproductive rights in Ohio! If you’re looking for help with money and/or help with seeking an abortion, please contact us here.  We can help minors understand their rights around birth control and contraception, abortion access, and judicial bypass in Ohio. We also have free resources, training, and education focused on Reproductive Justice and our legal system. Young folks who would need help can call or text us at 614-799-2843 or using our online form. Please note: AFO’s Legal Access Program does not give money to help young folks afford a lawyer or afford bail if arrested for having an  abortion or because someone thinks they had an abortion. However, we do help connect young folks to other organizations that may help them get the money they need or help with other things that AFO cannot help with.

Know Your Repro (Rights)!