Black Reproductive Justice Futures: Lexis

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Black Reproductive Justice Futures: Lexis

Our dive into look into Black RJ futures couldn't possibly be complete without a feature on our Executive Director, Lexis!
Lexis (she/her) is AFO's youngest ED, and our first Black ED. To say that she's building Black power isn't even the half of it. RJ is about our power as a collective, but we'd be remiss not to specifically applaud Lexi's leadership in our org & our movement. She's worked tirelessly to create restorative, healing spaces for Black leaders. She's cultivated relationships across movements & geography, connecting our piece to the larger puzzle. We'd say she's done it all, but somehow, we know she'll continue to surprise us.

Lexis' leadership, whether externally or internally, is focused on creating sustainable, nourishing movement spaces. Creating an environment where young Black leaders are truly given the space to flourish is nothing short of revolutionary. Lexis is so talented in cultivating elastic, cross-movement relationships. Her intention in building Black power & resistance has been a critical force in every aspect of our work. We could not be prouder to learn from her leadership and grow alongside her.


Her theory of RJ is based in the real-world implementation of intersectionality and connection. As she so rightly put it, "We are not meant to love alone, heal alone, or live in silo—we need one another."

Who’s an RJ leader you admire & why?

"My lovely, fierce friend Larada Lee-Wallace! As a doula, storyteller and organizer, Larada consistently cares, supports and advocates for those who our society consistently deems as unworthy. Larada has also taught me the importance of community, which is the heart of Reproductive Justice. We are not meant to love alone, heal alone or live in silo—we need one another!"


What value does solidarity play in RJ & other Black-led movements?

"Intersectionality is the basis of Reproductive Justice. Under an RJ Framework, every person has the ability to live and raise their family (whatever that may look like) safely, healthily, and with support - think about how much that entails! This requires access to housing and all forms of healthcare, it requires our environment to be cared for, it requires an end to mass incarceration and state-sanctioned familial separation, it requires freedom of violence, it requires food security, it requires access to equitable education, and so so much more, for ALL people, not just people who look a certain way or have more resources than other. As Audre Lorde said, 'There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.'


Reproductive oppression is a product and tool of other forms of oppression like racism, classism, ableism, colonialism, and transphobia. RJ forces us to look between the lines, see the connections across movements, and collaborate amongst different social struggles, while prioritizing the most vulnerable to achieve liberation.”