As Ohio's statewide abortion fund, we've helped thousands afford their reproductive choices. These are just some of their stories.

Trigger Warning: Rape & abuse are mentioned 


Jada is a single mother. She lost her job due to hyperemesis. Her only support is her grandmother, who is not in good health.

Stephanie is a single mother of three children. She’s far along in her pregnancy because it took her a long time to save any money toward her abortion. She is unemployed and struggling to pay for rent and food. Her partner is unsupportive.

Dana recently left an abusive partner. and started a low-paying job. She is homeless and does not have family to help her.

Leslie is a single mother. She had a failed medication abortion early in her pregnancy. By the time she discovered she was still pregnant, she was far along. Her partner is not willing to help her.

Anna is the single mother of two children, one of which has health issues. She is unemployed and has no support from family and friends. She sold belongings to pay for her abortion.

Ashley is a single mother. She works part time to support four small children. Her partner is not involved and her family is not able to help her. She’s far along in her pregnancy because it took her a long time to save up money.

Marka was a single mother of three children whose ex-husband had fought her on child support and refused to pay any. Her only income was from a childcare business she ran from her home.

Ashley was a single mother of four children, and just went back to school to complete her degree. She has had three C-sections with severe complications and was terrified about continuing her pregnancy. Her friends and family refused to help pay for her abortion.

Maria had given birth just seven months ago. She was employed and did not receive any public assistance, but would have fallen behind on all her bills without our support.

Jasmine is the mother of one child. She and her partner both work but could not afford the cost of her 22wk abortion.

Cora was a single mother of four sons between the ages of 3 and 16. She recently moved to Ohio and had recently applied for public assistance. Now that she receives health insurance through Medicaid, she can afford contraception, but needed help paying for an abortion for a child she could not care for.

Sahara is 15 years old, and her pregnancy is due to rape.

Jennifer has multiple health problems and relies on medication that could harm a fetus.

Natalie is a 17 year old student and can’t tell her mother that she is having an abortion. She didn’t realize how far along she was. Her partner helped with some money but it wasn’t enough.


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